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Flexible apartment

La Selva del Camp, Tarragona. 2017

Refurbishment of an apartment in a building fo the 90’s in la Selva del Camp.

The original floor plan was very fragmentated, divided in three bedrooms, two big bathrooms, living room, kitchen with a small gallery, all distributed through a long dark corridor.

What the project was aming to achieve was to unify spaces, divide the apartment in a night and day zones and get natural light to the maximum spaces.

The kitchen was converted to an open space kitchen and unified with the new living room. More light came in to this space by converting the small gallery in to an exterior balcony. By installing a big glass pocket door the light could also get in to the hall in the center of the aparment. The glass pocket door is completely hidden, the dinning area can extend to the hall.

A new stair case was incorporated to acces the old storage room, converted in to a small studio. We had to think of a minimu staircase for the little space there was.  The stairs are made of metal and were designed to be fine and light, so it wouldn't take over space or block the light coming through the glass door. 

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