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Windows to sea

Tarragona. 2018 - Under construction

Refurbishment of a detached house from the 90’s on the coast line of Tarragona.

The house is divided in three levels, having an undergroud garage and swimmingpool, a ground floor with kitchen and living area and a first floor as a sleeping area. The rooms where all very fragmentated and the hose was ignoring the privileged place where it was with very small windows.

The objective was to give more importance to the place and views, update the esthetic of the facade and changing the roofs.

The slopping roofs disapear to give place to a flat roof that include skylight that give light to the centre of the house and a big concrete beam is attached to the fron facade that works as a veranda.

Making the windows bigger and knoking down some of the walls to generate open spaces with nice views to the sea from most of the rooms in the house.

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