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An elevator for everyone

Salou, Tarragona. 2018 - 2019

The Salduba building complies with the typology of vacational housing on the beachfront fot the late 60’s. With three apartments on each floor, these are distributed through an exterior corridor, with acces to the apartments half way up the stairs.

The neighbours wanted to install an elevator and also that the acces to the ground floor had to be accessible as the building was elevated from the ground.

The way the old staircase and exterior corridors were built didn’t allow the accessibility to all of the apartments, so both had to be changed to adapt.

The exterior space was limited, so the elevator was attached to the north facade, also because mos of the neighbours accessed the building from that side. Near the elevator the new corridors and stairs are placed at a distance to no disturb other neighbours privacy.

A whole sistem of ramps was designed on the ground floor to make the ground floor accessible from both sides of the building.

Taking advantage of all the construction time, all the facilities were also updated and centralized, as some were still of origin.

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