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Vermouth and town

Reus, Tarragona. 2017

This project aims to recover the centrality of Reus auction in the heart of the city, projecting itself as a multifunctional, active equipment with a suggestive, evocative, interactive assembly, capable of awakening emotions and telling history.

These new spaces want to complement the speeches already created with the vermouth route, the Modernist route and the Gaudí Center ... or for so many other areas that can be visited such as the streets and squares of the historic center, century-old shops, magnificent historical buildings ... and with them to get to know all the city traditions.

This old space, will become an experience, live and dynamic equipment ideal to promote the city and its vermouth, thanks to the strength and symbolism, both as a container and content. In the last century the country is experiencing wine boom that has allowed Reus to recover part of its lost centrality, with a new format that evokes the past with an air of modernity. This is the initiative wants to create "new" city brand with the name of Vermouth from Reus.

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