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The challenge of living among almond trees

Lledó, Terol. 2018

M and B ara a british couple in love with the landscapes of Matarraña, located in the border between Catalonia and Valencia. The region has many protected areas for its big ecological value, like the Natural Park of “els Ports”.

We had two premisses to begin, on the one hand the views had to be seen from most part of the house and on the other the house had to be self-sufficient in energy terms.

The project sits in an allmond and olive tree plot that adapts to the slope with stone walls overlooking at the Natural Park.

The orientation of the house was decisive, not only to contemplate the views and adapt to the landscape, but to achieve the maximum solar light.

Once decided wich views wanted to be frammed the house is planned on two different levels that adapt to the slope of the land leaning on one of the stone walls.

The house consists in three rectilinear volumes. The first is on the highest level having the entrance that connects the garage and the rest of the house. The living space is on a lower level, with one volume dedicated to one big open space with the living and sitting area with an kitchen. The other volume is the night zone where we can find the main bedroom and two guest rooms with independent exits.

The house wants to leave the minimum foot print on the land so it is built elevated from the ground and the facades are made with stone from the zone with large windows that provide a strong connection to the landscape. The home is meant to blend with the terrain.

In energy terms, the house is provided with solar panels to generate electricity, rainwater is collected from the roof surface and kept in underground diposits and the waste waters have a sewage treatment.

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