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Agricultural Palace

Lleida. 2019

The building is located in a strategic point of the city for the revival of the surroundings of Lleida’s fair and the Champs Elysées; located between the high commercial street and the fair area, surrounded by a centennial green environment, along the riverbank overlooking the cathedral. We understood that an intervention in this context must satisfy a program of global demand of the city, taking advantage of the external projection that the Fair can offer.

Among the values that characterize the city, agriculture is one of the oldest and most important, and in recent years it has been affected by big shopping malls. We believe that this intervention is an opportunity to value fruit as the main element of Lleida’s landscape and to strengthen the education and culture of this local element in a space where the product can be seen, touched and experienced first hand in the city.

The proposal seeks to merge the program, the building and the environment by giving the park the ground floor to provide it with a multifunctional covered space and locating a separate program on the upper floor. This division of uses has materialized by removing the existing skin and auxiliar elements of the building, leaving only the structure as an identity. By modifying the ground levels, the pavements and vegetation have blurred the boundaries that differentiate the interior from the exterior on the ground floor where the park enters the building and the ground floor extends into the park. The upper floor has been provided with secondary elements to the structure in order to generate two new entrances and several elements are introduced to regulate the climatic conditions by choosing the wood as a bearing and covering material, such as shutters and the two program modules enclosed and perforated steel on the stairs and railings, both materials often used in nature parks.

We wanted to project an intervention that would highlight the unique elements of the building and integrate them into their environment.

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