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House refurbishment

Torrebesses, Lleida

Refurbishment · 2021

The original house was built in the 80's, from then until now it as had several extensions and refurbishments without much planification and it ended up being a very unpractical house. 

It was a single family detached house with two floors and with a front and back patio. The access to each floor was from two diferent doors from the outside and had no comunication from the interior between them. 

The main petition from the clients was to have an indoor staircase to access the first floor and reorganize the spaces. The new staircase cancelled one of the entrances on the ground floor. The new staircase is built in a metal structure and wooden footprints so the light reaches the groundfloor. 

With the new distribution the first plan is divided in a night zone with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a day zone with a unified kitchen-living room and dinning room. 

As the entrance was modified, this change the faced and it was refurbished aplying natural stone from the zone and framing the windows with wooden beams and plastered with coloured mortar.  


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