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Warehouse integrated in the village

Solivella, Tarragona

Refurbishment · Built · 2019

This project started from the need of the client to build a space of about 150m² to keep agricultural machinery. For this reason the client bought the parcel next to his house that was occupied in part with a garden and in another part by a two floor stone house built in the 1880th.


One option would have been to knock down the stone house and build a warehouse using prefabricated construction systems, but we decided to give value to the original old house by maintaining it as much as possible.


The aim of the projec was to use prefabricated construction systems making them compatible with the old stone technique and to ensemble it all together with the owners house.


The operation consisted in emptying the old house and preserving three of its facades and adapting them to the new height of the warehouse. The original window openings and doors have been mantained and new ones have been built to provide light and ventilation. The big entrance for the machinery has been placed in the new brick built walls and prefabricated construction systems have been used in the structure and the roof.


The exterior finnishes have been treated as one, preserving the original stone and completing the rest in the color tone of the owners house. The use of both techniques reduce the scale of the building and help in the integration of it in the village.


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