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Construction technique integrated into the landscape

Rocallaura, Lleida. 2019

Partial reconstruction of a retainging wall of 30m of length by 3m height, lightly curved and built with the dry stone method. This wall is the limit of a house and its garden that separates them from the road at a lower level. 

The bad climate conditions and the degradation of the base caused that 7m of the containing wall collapsed. 

To preserve the historical value of the existing traditional construction, we decided to do the reconstruction using the same method as it was built originally, as it is a cultural identity reference in the zone of Urgell and the technique is an Intangible Cultural Heritage within UNESCO. 

To ensure the stability of the wall and avoid it to top over the road it was calculated with a variable section, making it wider on the base and it reducing it as it goes up. The arrengement of the stones was done with the dry stone technique and each row was fitted at break. On the internal side of the wall smaller size stones and earth from the zone were placed.

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