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It is usual that when the opportunity to acquire a property arises, regardless of the year it was built, we ask ourselves questions such as:


Has it been well preserved?

In what state is the structure?

Will I have problems in the future?

What walls are structural?

Can partitions be knocked down to redistribute?

Will It be cold or hot? Is it well insulated?

Among other…

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That is why we increasingly recommend that our clients request a report on the current status before purchasing a property. These are usually important investments and doing so with full knowledge of the state in which it is wil provide us with additional security. With a report, you can even foresee what actions have to be carried out in the short, medium and long term, as well as the maintenance tasks that are required.


This type of report requires a visit from the architect to the property and a visual inspection that can provide the following data:


    · Property details (year of construcción, built área, useful área, etc)

    · Floorplans

    · Identification of the structure and those partitions that can be demolished and those that cannot.

    · Detection of pathologies and the tasks to be carried out to repair them, whether structural or not, and an approximate budget        for the reparation works.

    · Identification of thermal characteristics and approximate calculation of energy consumption

    · Proposal for thermal improvements to have a good climate comfort and approximate budget for these.

    · Maintenance needs, maintenance plan and approximate budget for long-term maintenance tasks.


The report can be focused on specific topics, at the request of the client, such as only the structure, leaving aside the thermal topics or vice versa.


The conclusions that can be drawn from the report will vary depending on whether the elements to be inspected are seen or hidden. For this reason, prior to commissioning this type of report, it is important to have photos of the property in order to analyze what type of information can be most useful to obtain.


If you are interested in obtaining information about a property, do not hesitate to request a quote and we will adapt the report to your needs.

If you have any question or suggest write below!

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